Aim High

For the past 30 years, Tanni and Ian have been involved in wheelchair racing as competitors, coaches and enthusiasts.

They want to make the experience in wheelchair sport as positive as possible for top class performers and keen participants, through technical coaching, positioning in the chair and equipment development.

The business is part of their ‘delivering one rounded athlete’ approach and the team will be supplying first class products and services to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Aim High comes from a unique saying of Tanni's Grandfather.  He always used to tell her that she should 'Aim high even if you hit a cabbage'.  Although not a well known saying, he was keen to find a way to tell her that she should always have a goal and a dream, and that the only realistic chance of achieving it would be to work hard.  

Racing Chairs & Handbikes

A racing wheelchair is a highly technical piece of sports equipment and whether you are a recreational athlete or have aspirations to compete at the highest level, then getting the perfect fit is essential.  

With thirty years experience of racing, chair design, construction and fitting and coaching Tanni and Ian have joined forces with Invacare to offer their Top End range of racing wheelchairs and handcycles.  

This combines the superb engineering of the Top End brand and Aim High’s attention for detail in assessing the individual’s needs and how to deliver performance in chair positioning and technique to give the very best product and experience to the customer.  It is not just about taking measurements for the chair, the aim is to develop your experience towards the delivery of the new chair – in positioning, technique and training - a unique package!

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Get more of your power into the push rim with Aim High Solid Racing Gloves.  Built from durable thermoplastic with rubber coated push surfaces, these gloves offer 

  • Performance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy maintenance
  • Saving your time and patience

Aim High Solid Racing Gloves are handmade to a well-developed process which delivers a consistency of glove which is very difficult to match.  Years of experience has gone into the design and build of these gloves – to save your time in trying to build your own solid gloves.  Optimised to your hands for comfort and technique delivery or fully custom built for your very specific requirements, these gloves assist in putting your hand in the right position to push, which is great for newcomers to the sport and for those looking to take that jump in performance.

The gloves are also built to last – Jade Jones has been on the same set of gloves for 5 years!  Think of the money you could save.  And, there is no more wearing gloves in, and no more worrying about when the gloves will wear out.  They are easily maintained - just remove the rubber once it has worn and replace it to return to nearly new condition, with the option of specifically cut patches.

And book in for our ‘technique-al tutorial’ to make the best use of your gloves and optimise your technique.

Performance, ease and delivery.

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Designed with the needs of the user at heart, the Aim High Roller System is the lightest wheelchair roller system in the world, featuring variable resistance to deliver a range of speed and load options and a modular portable assembly for ease of movement, storage and carriage by the user.

Rollers are a key weapon in the armoury of the wheelchair racer by providing facility to push:

  • when the weather outside is too wet, too cold, or too hot
  • when outdoor training facilities are not available
  • for efficient warm up at competition venues
  • for a consistent condition for coaching and testing technique and fitness

We have been producing innovative wheelchair roller systems for more than 25 years and were the originators of the roller based warm up which has become a familiar sight at competition venues around the world. 

Our newest offering comes in at less than 5kg and will fit into a carrier bag!  So much easier for packing in with your luggage for flying, easily assembled ready for use.  The resistance can be varied by the user from the chair, making it possible to simulate a range of conditions through the training session, and particularly to work on technique at high speed.

And book in for a session on ‘how to best use your rollers’ with one of the team/Ian/Tanni and our technical masterclasses to optimise your chair position, set up and technique.

Performance, ease and delivery.

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Delivering to your potential is not just about having the correct equipment.  Coaching is a key part of delivering performance by putting together pushing technique, optimising chair position, focused training programme, focused mind and body.

Tanni and Ian have competed and coached at the highest level, with a stack of Olympics, Paralympics, World, European Championships between them and Ian is currently the lead wheelchair racing coach on British Triathlon’s World Class Performance Programme, as well as personal coach to many of Britain’s top racers and other more recreational hard workers.

There are a number of tailored coaching packages available from training programmes, personal technical assessments, positional and technical optimisations, testing and monitoring, chair measurement and personal coaching.

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